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Jasmine Hardison, Founder & Executive Director of King David Respect for Life Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in honor of her only child David-Remon McDaniel Jr. who was fatally shot in Oakland two weeks after his 21st birthday.  

The weekend of July 22nd,  Jasmine was in Los Angeles attending a conference on gun violence prevention, hoping to take that information back home to help make an impact in her community. The morning of July 24th,  she was due to return home when she received a very disturbing call informing her that her son had been shot, and later succumbed to his injuries. Heartbroken yes, but she triumphantly turned her pain into purpose and that became the birth of this organization.

Our organization provides emotional support and trauma recovery services to at risk youth who suffer from intergenerational trauma caused by perpetuated gun violence. We are focused on integrating programs into schools and juvenile detention centers with elements of healing and provide them with the vital resources needed to sustain a productive life. King David Respect for Life Inc., planting seeds of leadership, accountability, and integrity that will blossom into respect for all lives.  

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To hear more about David's life growing up in Oakland, CA, click on the link below!

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Founder-Jasmine Hardison (center) Daryle Allums- Adamika Village (right), Angelique Paige-Vernon Eddins Jr. Foundation, Inc (far right) & Audry "Candy Corn" Cornish- Taz Foundation/ Ishy_Me Stranger Danger, (left) speaking at "Take Back Our Streets" @ Youth Uprising in Oakland, CA. July 1, 2017. To watch their videos, please go to YouTube and search Take Back Our Streets!


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Our events are full of fun and excitement with elements of healing and unity, but never losing focus on saving our kids!

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