Board of Directors

Jasmine Hardison

Jasmine Hardison was born and raised in Oakland, CA., and received her education from the Oakland Unified School District, however due to her troubled upbringing, she reluctantly dropped out before reaching high school. Jasmine overcame many obstacles such as teen pregnancy, homelessness, sexual and domestic abuse, before receiving her G.E.D. from Berkeley Adult School and became employed with the County of Alameda as an Eligibility Support Technician in 2014. Jasmine was employed by the county until the sudden and tragic death of her only child. Passionate about her community and determined not to let her son die in vain, she became Founder/Director of King David Respect for Life, Inc. She has now dedicated herself to advocating for survivors of gun violence and the rehabilitation of the young minority communities in Oakland, and across the world.


Patricia Ellis

Native of Oakland, CA, Patricia grew up in the city's Brookfield Village Neighborhood on the east side. Her Oakland public School education pervaded with the student government as senior class president, music and environmental resources, which sparked her desire to educate young people to have access to higher education, community resources, professional mentors, and jobs. Her vision smoothed the way for her profession as a public servant in her community. Patricia'a calling is to help form an unbiased and impartial culture for youth. Patricia is a first generation college graduate, earning her A.A. degree in Real Estate from Merritt College. She has previously served as a volunteer with various public and private service agencies throughout Oakland and has organized,and facilitated numerous youth based events.


Ashly Yath

 Ashly Yath is a graduate from the University of California, Berkley. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Social Work. She since then has volunteered countless hours in the inner city community, working with underprivileged youth. She enjoys helping children believe in themselves, while offering motivational support and mentoring. Mrs. Yath is also a certified domestic violence advocate who is always open to offer recourses to victims in her community while also spreading awareness on the trauma and support that is neighboring domestic violence. Mrs. Yath believes her gift in the world is to help others rather it believe it be listening, problem solving, or support. This is what led her to invest her heart into King David Respect for Lift Inc.


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