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Our Mission

To realign the lives of at risk youth of color by providing emotional support and trauma recovery services to those suffering intergenerational trauma induced by perpetuated gun violence. 

Why We Do It

Established in the memory of David-Remon McDaniel Jr., our Founder & Director- Jasmine Hardison's son (only child).  David was an extraordinary kid, and he showed that in all of aspects of his life. He was an exceptional student and star athlete, playing for various sports teams such as the  East Bay Warriors & Oakland Dynamites football, Taylor Memorial baseball, and Oakland P.A.L  Association basketball leagues. David attended schools within the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), and brought in good grades and awards for his academic performance. it wasn't until his first year in middle school that he started behaving badly. David started hanging with the wrong crowd and his grades began to rapidly decline. The affects of peer pressure in adolescence became more apparent, and he started to spiral out of control. 

David's sophomore year was especially tough because he started to lose friends due to gang violence and the pressure of being a young black man growing up in Oakland was weighing heavily on him, and he eventually dropped out of school and got involved with gangs. David's upbringing quickly reminded him that he had more to offer in life as a productive citizen and role model opposed to a gang affiliate, so he enrolled himself in a continuation school and landed a full-time job. It was a struggle between good and bad and David was on the fence, but he was still trying to make better decisions by getting his life back on track.

Summer of 2016, David and a few family/friends went on a camping trip. The four of them, David, Jamari (David's cousin), Josiah, and Dayvon were out on a boat when they decided to jump and swim back to shore...they didn't make it! Jamari along with his bestfriend Josiah drowned, and David along with his friend were rescued. Shortly after that tragic accident, David began to show signs of depression and survivors remorse; but he knew he had an obligation to fulfill to himself and the friends who transitioned prematurely.

David had been struggling with survivors remorse and decided to get out for a little fun. July 24, 2016, just two weeks after his 21st birthday, David went out on a double date for pizza. After the date, he dropped off one his passengers and headed to a friends house to spend the night. While parking his car, a gunman drove up along side of him and open fire. David was the only person struck in the car and later died at the hospital due to his injuries! David was the last of  five kids that grew up together to be killed or die suddenly! Rest In Power Young Kings-Tyronta Mickens, Davon Ellis, Jamari Wilson, Josiah Pratt, and David McDaniel...

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There are many parents suffering the loss of a child/ren due to senseless gun violence in Oakland, CA. and other parts of the U.S.A. More so, the trauma that comes along with violence that haunts the survivors! Could you Imaging this being one of your children or family members? What would you do? If you would like to be part of this dynamic organization, please click the link below and leave us a message!


“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”
—Desmond Tutu

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